Monty's mission is to get the entire world composting

Compost can reduce our waste, feed our food and save our soil but not enough people do it. Monty Compost Co was founded in 2019 to help make composting easy and efficient for everyone using the power of technology. 

The journey to now


Monty Compost Co is founded in Brisbane, Australia (under the initial name EarthOffset) by Ash Baxter, off the back of her final semester research. She participates in the iLab accelerator, establishing the company and growing its network and team. This includes Monty's product partners Clandestine Design Group, Carbon Circuits and Josephmark. Together they develop prototypes, validate the technology and meet their market.


Monty is ready to take it to the next level and receives funding from ACAC Innovation and the Energylab investor group. The Monty team is then joined by Phoebe Long and Michael Scotson, expertly conducting business and software development respectively. The year is spent planning, executing and improving the first ever beta-launch of the Monty Monitor and Mobile app, delivered to the doorstep of Australia's most committed composters. 

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