All your most frequently asked compost questions


How does Monty work with my compost?

Monty is a compost monitoring and management system with a monitoring device that connects to our mobile app. The device tracks your most valuable compost data and transmits it to your phone where we analyse it for insights and instructions about your compost.


What data does Monty Monitor collect?

The Monty Monitor continuously tracks the temperature, humidity and volatile organic compounds (basically the gross, smelly gases) emitted by your compost pile.


What instructions will Monty Mobile give me?

The instructions delivered by Monty Mobile will tell you exactly what you need to do to manage your compost easily and efficiently, whether it’s what materials you need to add to hit the perfect carbon:nitrogen ratio or when you need to turn it over to amp up the oxygen.


Will Monty stop my compost smelling? 

Yep, if you follow Monty’s instructions, any unpleasant or excessive odours brewing in your bin will be a thing of the past. Our analysis delivers the most cutting-edge compost management techniques to ensure no bad smells stick around.


What about getting rid of pests?

While some little critters are crucial to composting, they can sometimes get out of hand. Our instructions will give you practical tips customised to your compost to get the creepy crawlies under control.


My compost takes forever to decompose - can it help with that?

Good, properly managed compost can be a matter of weeks, not months. Monty’s instructions will help your compost hit those timelines.


How can I get a Monty?

Monty’s first fully open pre-order release is currently available here, with a current estimated delivery in November 2021. This may be delayed up to February 2022 due to standard manufacturing uncertainties.

How much is Monty?

Our pre-order release will be retailing an early-access price of the device at $249AUD and free, indefinite access to the app. Upon later-stage release, we're aiming to retail the device at $199AUD, with both free basic app access and paid premium app features. 


How can I contact the team at Monty?

You can send us an email here at any time about anything.


How long does it take to set up?

So, your Monty Monitor has just arrived. All you need to do now is charge the smart module, twist and lock it onto the stem and it’s ready to go into your compost.

Do I leave my Monty Monitor in 24/7?

You sure do! Unlike other compost monitoring devices that require you to take manual, one-off readings, you can simply set-and-forget the Monty Monitor.


What material is my Monty Monitor made out of?

In order to survive the harsh conditions of your average compost pile, Monty Monitor is made of a durable, long-life, fully recyclable plastic that has no adverse impacts on your compost.


What kind of power source does my Monty Monitor use?

Monty Monitor is powered by a wirelessly rechargeable battery pack that detaches from the main device and is charged through your accompanying charging pad. 


How often do I need to charge my Monty Monitor?

At first, you’ll need to charge your Monitor around every 3-4 weeks but this will reduce as it learns how you and your compost work.


How is the data transferred from my Monty Monitor to my phone?

Your Monty Monitor uses your phone’s Bluetooth to connect to the Monty Mobile app and upload your compost data for analysis.


How do I access Monty Mobile?

Upon release, Monty Mobile will be accessible for download from the App Store for iOS device and Google Play Store for Android devices. Currently, only users in Australia can create an account but we have a work-around for interested international composters so send us a message here and we'll help you get set-up if you're overseas.

Can I access Monty Mobile on my tablet or computer?

Unfortunately for the first release, Monty will only be accessible through your mobile device but making it available on other platforms is a top priority for us.

I'm confused about how to use Monty Mobile?

As a beta-app, we're working hard to make sure Monty Mobile is accurate and easy-to-use but sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. We've put together a series of tutorial videos to help you with the most common points of confusion that you can watch below or find on our Youtube channel here.


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