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Bring the smart home tech revolution into your backyard compost bin.

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How Monty helps your home compost


Grow your garden with better compost

As any good gardener knows, better soil means the best growing and there’s no better way to get it than with compost. Monty can help you fully integrate composting into your garden to improve your soil.

Make composting fun and fresh for all ages

From young to old, any type of household can compost. Get the whole family, whatever yours looks like excited about waste with all of Monty’s engaging and educational features.


Cut your household waste by half  

Most of the stuff that goes in your kitchen bin can be composted and there’s never been a better time to start. Reduce your curb-side collection chores by composting and use Monty to track the whole thing. 

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Meet Monty's compost community



I was already composting vigorously but Monty has helped me to balance my compost so I can do it better and faster.



Monty confirms what I already know, that I use more of one thing than the other, and how I can improve this. For me, it’s the whole package.



My compost journey started when I was a kid so I’m super pumped to see that my Monty is giving me results.


Want to bring Monty into your home compost?

Have you got heaps of kids who can’t get enough of the tumbler? An empty-nester spending all day in the garden? A singleton with a bestie compost bin? Whatever your home looks like, Monty can make itself your personal compost companion.