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Monty for schools

Combining technology with one of nature’s oldest teaching tools - compost.

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How Monty helps your school compost


Teach science, STEM and sustainability 

Compost covers so many essential topics that young minds need to know about. From the biology of composting microbes and insects to the holistic circular economies of organics, compost can be the centre of any comprehensive curriculum.

Engage with ultimate hands on learning

Countless education studies are finding that hands-on learning is an incredible knowledge retention tool for teachers to utilise. Getting student's hands dirty in a good compost pile takes this to the next level.


Sustainably manage school organic waste

Organics makes up over half of our waste stream and school sites are no different. Not only does composting manage this sustainably, meaning less collection costs, the end product can be utilise in improving school grounds.

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Meet Monty's school use cases


St Margaret's 

Using a beautifully designed campus growing garden, St Margaret's is working with Monty to make outdoors more than just a place to run around.


Oakleigh SS

Oakleigh is a pioneer in incorporating sustainability and growing into school life and have supported Monty since its beginning.


Want to bring Monty into your school compost?

Are you a teacher looking for a new learning tool? Run a school garden that you're keen to get the compost going in? A Principal looking to start a new sustainability program? Whether state, private, primary or high school, Monty has something to help get compost in your curriculum.