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Get started with Monty

Want to join the organics recycling revolution with us? To be part of compost history? Here's how.

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How to get Monty going with your waste

Download our MVP Monty Mobile 

Right now, our Monty Mobile beta-app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for free download. You can use this version with any kind of compost and without needing the Monty Monitor so head over now to connect to your compost.


Support our pre-order campaign

That's right - in June, we'll be opening up a special page for you to place a pre-order of your very own Monty Monitor. This will get you to the front of the queue for our first manufacturing run so subscribe to our mailing list to be alerted when it opens.

Are you ready to compost with Monty?

If you want to be part of our pre-order campaign, have questions about downloading Monty Mobile or just generally want to know more about Monty, subscribe to our mailing list below and add an optional message. 

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