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Meet Monty

Monty is a world-first innovation, a technology to transform the way we compost our organic waste.

Monty Monitor, a smart sensor for your compost

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Bringing the smart home revolution outside

Continuously tracking the decomposition data emitted by your compost, Monty Monitor brings the best of modern technology to your compost. 

Tech specs


Key environmental condition sensors 

Monty continuously track the key compost health indicators of temperature, humidity and VOCs.


Bluetooth transmission

Using a standard Bluetooth transmission protocol, Monty can connect with any enabled smartphone.


Wireless, rechargeable battery powered

Keep collecting data with a minimum month-long usage time and wireless charging capabilities.


High-intensity stress tested 

Monty has gone through extended testing to ensure it can withstand the toughest compost conditions. 

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Monty Mobile, an all-in-one  app for everything compost


Analyse and improve your compost health

Monty Mobile collects, quantifies and analyses all your most critical compost data to assess how healthy it is and how to improve it.

Search, select and log your organic waste 

With a database of over 100 unique organic material nutrient profiles, you can keep track of all the waste that ends up in your compost.


Gamify your goals and achievements

Achieve the coolest awards,  beat your personal bests and compete against other composters to make composting more fun than ever.

Curate the best compost content 

Browse, search and save our continuously growing content database, curated to feature the freshest compost articles, products and more. 


Monty Mobile is available now for free download

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Want to get your very own Monty?

Whether you’re a green-thumb home, sustainable school, community garden or any other kind of composter, Monty is made for you. See here how you can be part of a world-first innovation in compost technology.