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Compost has never been this cool

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Meet Monty, your personal compost manager


Monty Monitor is a smart monitoring device, continuously tracking and analysing your compost data. Battery-powered, wireless, energy-efficient and workable with any kind of compost, your backyard bin is about to get a whole lot smarter.


Monty Mobile uploads your compost data, analyses it and tells you what to do when things go wrong through simple management notifications. If your compost is already good, it helps you understand and learn why that is to make it even better.

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A world-first  monitoring technology


Wireless data transmission


Rechargeable battery power

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Integrated sensor system

An all-in-one compost app 

A one-stop-shop for all the compost content you need, right in your pocket? Yes please! With our main management dashboard and waste tracking now available, we're adding fresh features every week to make composting more exciting, engaging and educational than ever!


Available now on iOS and Android


The full Monty story

Monty’s mission is to get the entire world composting. Compost can reduce our waste, feed our food and save our soil but not enough people do it. Monty Compost Co was founded in 2019 to help make composting easy and efficient for everyone using the power of technology. 

I was never really interested in my compost, it was just something that sat in the backyard and smelled up the place. With my Monty, I love looking after it now and have seen how important it is to it manage properly.

Leisa, backyard tumbler

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Done and done!

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